Ministry to Clergy

Skinner Leadership Institute works with local and national clergy leaders through two key programs.Clergy.1

The National African American Clergy Network
. This network of denomination and independent church leaders, meet monthly through informational conference calls, in which pastors across the nation pray and seek solutions to issues impacting poor and under-served citizens. Working with Evangelical clergy leaders they are able to facilitate opportunities for other clergy to stand up together on behalf of the poor. >> more information


homepage.clergy-msdlMasters Series for Distinguished Clergy Leaders. MSDCL is an leadership training program that equips clergy to move from purpose, or the work we are called to do, to promise, or the difference we are called to make to advance God’s agenda in our ministries and communities. Pastors also learn how to successfully engage in the public policy arena to God’s glory on behalf of the “least of these” and the voiceless. >>more information