How Black Is the Gospel


How Black is the Gospel by Tom Skinner

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The timeless message by Tom Skinner is now available in digital format. This message of hope and truth spoke to a generation looking for change and that same message holds true for today’s young people fighting for revolution. The following is an excerpt from Tom Skinner’s, How Black Is The Gospel.
“The struggle for social justice and human dignity in America has been erroneously identified as ‘the Black problem.’ Many Americans view this crisis in simple terms of black and white. And since the value of the soul as well as the flesh is at stake, it is inevitable that religion be injected into the debate. Many people bitterly denounce Christianity and the Bible because, in their view, those who practice religious piety are among the leading exponents of hate, bigotry and prejudice. They feel that these ‘Bible-toting Saints’ perpetuate the most segregated hour of the week-eleven o’clock Sunday morning. Today’s young blacks, having learned more history than their forebears, are quick to resent acts of so called Christianity and the use of those random Biblical verses that are so blatantly detrimental to the dignity of the black man in America.”

Skinner Leadership Institue is excited to offer this classic teaching by Tom Skinner as a clear and precise message to today’s generation looking for social justice and change. How Black Is The Gospel¬†speaks to the growing voices who seek justice but it is grounded in the fundamental understanding that there can be no justice without love.