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Skinner Leadership Institute(SLI) is a unique organization that works alongside business, political, youth and clergy leaders across the nation, and brings together leaders of diverse races and cultures seeking reconciliation based on the teachings and lessons of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to train a new generation of Christ-centered leaders who are technically and morally excellent. SLI was founded by Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner and her husband, the late Tom Skinner, a former Harlem New York gang leader turned evangelist, pro sports chaplain, and author. Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner has made an indelible imprint in American politics as a faith leader, author, lecturer, lawyer, businesswoman, educator, trusted advisor, mentor, political strategist and serves as President of the organization.

"Great Leaders inspire, motivate, impart faith, and built confidence. Great Leaders move people from one place to another, from one goal to another. Great Leaders pour themselves into people, give themselves away to people and get the job done through people."

-Tom Skinner


We work with a national network of African American and Evangelical clergy leaders to facilitate opportunities for them to stand up together on behalf of the poor.

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From prayer walks through the halls of Congress, to Prayer Dinners or personal times of prayer, we take every opportunity to share God’s Word and love with leaders throughout our nation.
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Our work with the Tom Skinner Campus Ministry Noonday Prayer at Howard University; an Automotive Technology program at a Washington DC inner-city school; and opportunities to speak at colleges throughout the nation allows us to train the next generation of young leaders.
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  • NEW! SLI program for 21st Century Prophetic Clergy Leaders
    SEIZE YOUR OPPORTUNITY to… Move from Your Purpose to Your Promise as a High Impact Leader Build Character Strength, Integrity, and Resiliency for High Pressure Leadership Successfully Navigate the Public Policy Arena through… the MASTERS SERIES FOR DISTINGUISHED CLERGY LEADERS...
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  • 70 Really is the NEW 50…if You Take Care of Yourself!
    Friends, Can you imagine?  I am now three score plus 10!   According to measurements used during biblical times, a “score” was 20 years. Three score is 60 years. So three score plus ten, makes me 70. Moses put is this way in Psalms 90.“Seventy years are […]...
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  • AFTER THE ZIMMERMAN VERDICT…Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?
    A MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH Posted by Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner  The death of young Trayvon Martin and the “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman weighs heavily on our nation. Passions are running high on both sides. The Zimmerman family and supporters rejoice; even gloat. The ever dignified […]...
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  • 2012 Was Great! Help Us To Be Even Better In 2013
    GREETINGS FRIENDS IN OUR LORD’S NAME! With every challenge we have faced in 2012, the Prophet Jeremiah reminds us that we serve a faithful God who gives us the power to turn every challenge into an opportunity. Hardly a day has gone by when I am not […]...
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  • A Prayer for Our Nation and the Continuing Legacy of Congressman Donald Payne
    In 1981, my late husband, the Reverend Tom Skinner, and I founded the Congressional Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast, which annually attracts thousands of faith and civic leaders from across the nation.  This year, I was honored to share the following prayer with the attendees.  As we approach […]...
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  • 2012 Candidate Videos on the Poor
    Statement of Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner | National Press Club, Washington, DC | Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Faith Leaders Press Conference on the Presidential Candidates Commitment To A Circle of Protection for the Poor in Congressional Budget Cut Dialogues. Today, on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, I am honored to represent […]...
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